Trial program of Nihon buyo

Place: Kyoto International Community House (kokoka)
     2-1 Torii-cho, Awataguchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8536

Trial time: 60 min ~ 90 min

Trial fee:
     Visitors who wear kimono: ¥5,500
     Visitors who don’t wear kimono: ¥6,000
     Visitors who rent kimono at the trial class: ¥6,500

Kimono: We can lend several pieces of kimono or yukata ( informal cotton kimono for summer wear), but they are limited in number and sizes.

Photo taking: You can take ceremonial photos of yourself, striking a pose freely with hand props for Nihon buyo, using your smartphone or camera.

Trial program contents
【Men’s dance or samurai’s dance】

One dances in a manly way, using a sensu or a folding fan in place of a large sake cup or a spear. A famous samurai promises his guest to give him the best Japanese spear if he drinks the large quantity of sake. The guest has brilliantly drunk up and successfully won the spear. This is one of the most famous dances.
【Women’s dance dealing with the subject “Ryogoku fireworks” from Ukiyoe】

One dances gracefully with a fan at the site of summer fire festival. This elegant dance stirs an imagination of a couple enjoying fireworks set off in Edo.
【Play using a sword for Kabuki dance】

One learns how to use a sword-not real-so that one may dance elegantly, vigorously and glamorously in performance.