How would you like to experience Japanese traditional dance as a memory of Kyoto?

Welcome, thank you for visiting Kyoto.

I’m Kimishiro Bando, Master of the Bando-Ryu style in “Nihon buyo,” a classical Japanese dance.

The Bando-Ryu is a style of dance whose head family played Kabuki actors for generations. It is a classical Japanese dance which cherishes the performance of Kabuki, as well as glamour, modesty and elegance in dancing.

This trial course is performed in Japanese traditional architecture, where we hope that you will experience Japanese culture and discover the pleasure of dancing.

We also hope those who cannot dance will enjoy the pleasure of watching the dancers and feel something.

We anticipate your participation in the course from the bottom of our hearts.

Master of Bando-Ryu Kimishiro Bando

Experience of Japanese traditional dance(video)

Update Information・Notice

The web site of the trial course in Kyoto for the Nihon buyo is open to the public.NEW